Quick Cam Web drivers missing, exists somewhere else, port anyone?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Miki800, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    logitech has stopped supporting that kind of webcam since vista (including - so not supported on vista as well)

    I USED to have xp, but it's for my grandma and it kept filling up with spywares, viruses and what not (at least that what I think)
    since it kept crashing randomly and unless you put bad things into xp it does not crash randomly as it is the most stable OS in the world.

    so I had it upgraded to windows 7 instead, only to find out that logitech does not support and does not give me my needed drivers
    tried installing the XP drivers in XP compatibility mode, did not help did not work.

    so I tried Ubuntu live cd and tested skype on it with my cam - worked "straight from the box" as they say
    but Ubuntu is a bit unstable and kinda complicated, I fear, for my grandmother.

    so back to where I started - I need this working under windows 7 or to buy a new cam.

    since the drivers used by Ubuntu to allow my cam to work with skype - are open sourced
    and are based on libraries that are also OPEN SOURCE

    I believe it should be possible to compile a driver from that code back for windows 7 using it's relevant known public API.

    well, I do not actually believe in anyone to do that just since I requested or even if a lot more requested,

    I guess I'll be just asking if this was done before already?

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