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When I take the Quick Launch bar off the taskbar, and then put it back on, all the icons are organized completely different. Is there any way to make it always stay the same?


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Firstly, welcome to the forums, D12879. As always, it is great to see new people online.

In Windows 7, Quick Launch has been replaced by the ability to pin items to the task bar. There is still a way to "bring back" the Quick Launch bar, documented here. Please review this document so we can confirm that this is what you are talking about.

My first question to help you must be:
Is this what you are doing?

Also, because you can "pin" items to the taskbar, there is no real mainstream support for Quick Launch bar anymore, but when you pin items to the taskbar, this should not result in everything being reset. In fact, you can move these items all about the taskbar, simply by left-clicking the icon/program and dragging it to whatever spot you want.

I am not sure how you could be having this problem in Windows 7.

If you are talking about linking a folder itself to the task bar, and the contents of that folder do not seem to be sorted, you can right-click on that folder and click "Sort by name". This is the only sorting option that is presented by default for linked folders on the taskbar. It seems here, however, you are really talking about Quick Launch.

I would suggest you try an alternate idea, for instance, putting everything in a folder and using a naming convention might help.

Example for dated folders that can be sorted:

2008-11-01 (November 1st, 2008) - Folder 1
2009-08-23 (August 23, 2009) - Folder 2

YYYY-MM-DD (Year, Month, Date) - Name

If you date folders this way, you can always sort them by name and still get the correct result. You can also try this with files, leaving descriptions after the date.

By default, there is no Quick Launch bar on the taskbar, so it is hard to gauge what you are talking about. Not enough room on the taskbar? You may want to skip the Quick Launch idea altogether, and simply make the taskbar smaller. Right-click on the taskbar, and go to Properties. Choose Use Small Icons. You should never lose the order of your taskbar, so long as you are using the pin feature and you do not unpin all your items at once. If you do unpin an item, and then close that program, you will lose its position.

Here is another question: What situation would be making you remove and re-add items to the taskbar?

I hope something in this post helps out. Feedback is required on this one.

Thank you,

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