Quick Proxy Settings Change...?

I often take my laptop to school where I need to use a different proxy setting to connect to the net. Is there a way to quickly activate this, as currently there isn't proxy settings in Chrome (not that I can find) and I have to go into IE to change the settings.
I'm not particularly technical with IT. I can use Windows fluently and do things my family can't do. Hopefully you can understand what I'm looking for.




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Why download a 3rd party proxy manager when windows netsh command line can do the trick? Few batch files should get you in order, just make sure when you make them you run them as Administrator.

You'll want to look at the netsh winhttp command set.

To view current proxy setting: netsh winhttp show proxy
To set a proxy server: netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server="http=myproxy;https=sproxy:88"