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Hello, I have used Windows since 3.1, I now use Windows 11 with a local account, I am old school like that. Could someone help me use QuickAssist with a local account, thank you everyone.

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you are asking the wrong question

1st the idea is that makes a handshake between you computer and the client so you can see what they get and hopfully fix it... "provide remote support for free" is misleading imo

now the need to sign in = yes but what you sign in as is the correct question
Microsoft account = email... there is no law saying you can only use 1 email and if you have more than 1 then linking them together is optional
Only the user offering the remote assistance needs to sign in for Quick Assist to function. There is no way around that. The reason for the sign-in is that you are signing into Microsoft's RDP relay service.

If you want a free option for remote assistance with minimal fuss I would look into 'reverse vnc'. You will need to create the package and when someone needs assistance they will need to have that package or you can host it on some site for them to download.
imo the point of signing into Microsoft is so people know you arn't a scammer

please click this 3rd party to give us control of your system = best of luck with that
the links in my sig are system specs for my 3 machines i.e, what motherboard, how much ram etc