RAID0 with Win7 and Raptors...?

I am trying to create a RAID0 using a Areca-1200 RAID Controller Card, 2 (New) WD Raptors and Win 7. I am using the latest drivers from Areca for Win7 64 and they are WHQL certified. During the install everything is fine loading the drivers, until it starts to copy files and then it says " Windows can not be installed on this partition".

I am able to do a flawless install with Vista64... no problem... just not Win7.

Where is the disconnect? WIN7, Western Digitial, or Areca?

Since everything works perfect with Vista... could it be a Win7 issue?

Lee Haag


I went the upgrade route... a clean install of Vista64 SP1 and then straight to Win7... so far so good..


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