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    Hey guys.

    I have 4gb ram installed but system says use-able ram is 2227 Mbs.

    My specs:
    W7 ultimate 64 bit
    Intel core2 quad CPU
    ATI radeon HD 4800 series

    How come a little over 1gb of ram is lost somewhere? Thanks in advance. I will happily give more information.

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Hi Andreas,

    In properties does it say (something like) Installed Ram 4GB (available 2227mb)??

    It might be a setting in your bios, I had a similar issue when upgrading to 4gb from 2gb, though mine said 3.25gb installed and xxx available.

    In the bios you need to look for a setting called something like Memory Remapping / Memory Remap. In my bios its under Advanced >> Chipset configuration. Make sure that setting is enabled.

    After doing this my pc automagically told me I had 4gb installed.

    Remember also that your machine will use roughly 25 - 30% just to run. which, if added to your 2227mb (just over 2gb by the way) would bring it up to the 3.25gb or there about.

    Of course, if you are really running 32 bit, then approx 3.25gb is your lot!! I know you say you're using 64 bit, just couldn't stop my typing finger!!
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