random blue screen of death, app crashes, the works here

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Groundswell17, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Oct 27, 2009
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    Hello, I've been using ubuntu linux as my only operating system for almost a year. The only reason I've been tempted to pick up windows again is for gaming. I heard good things about windows7, and went ahead an grabbed it.
    in windows, I've been getting blue screen errors and application crashes and haults.

    before people start pointing to hardware, i need to note that this system has been extremely stable on linux distributions of all shapes and colors, and windows xp a while back. No system hangs/crashes/hiccups.

    What is going on here? how does a free OS have great support when a $200 causes at least 5 blue screens with reboots a day? :confused:

    I'm using no beta drivers on my hardware, and all up to date and obviously developed for windows 7. ideas? anyone?

    on another note, even installing was a trip. I had to unplug all additional hardware and disable my USB controller to get the installer to run without freezing. makes me wanna throw it back in microsofts face :mad:
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    Hi Groundswell17,
    you don't mention if you ran the 7 advisor or not (this tells you if your system is 7 capable or not). As you've never run vista this is an unknown and I strongly suggest you try running it. You do say that your system has been stable on different os's but 7 places different demands on the system than xp or linux so again try the above.

    Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
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    Agreed on this one kemical. We need to know if the advisor says that your computer is compatible with windows 7 or not.

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