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Windows 7 Random System Startup


Senior Member
May 23, 2009
Hi there,
I was just noticing that most everytime I turn my computer all the way off (shutdown), my computer will randomly startup during the night. This only will occur if windows needs to install an update as well. I once had my computer turn on at around 3am and this morning it turned on at 6am. I wouldn't say it was windows 7 that is messin things up, but it only seems like it is happening when updates occur.

(On second thought, I remember putting my computer in Hibernation last night....)


Also Also. This was a clean install, and it has a dual boot with windows xp located on a seperate hdd.
Check your BIOS settings, maybe someone is sending a magic packet to your PC and waking it up over the LAN. Disable WOL (wake on LAN) if it is available. Also check to make sure that there is no wake up time set. Most BIOS support auto wake ups by day of the week and time.

I love this field of work. Someone always has a really odd problem. Hope this helps some
I was thinking the same thing, Wake up overlan, but I dont have any network cable plugged in, I'm wireless (I'm not that familiar with the WOL system, but I thought it didn't work over a wireless connection).

I'll disable it just to be sure and see what happens in the future.

Thanks for the help. :)

When I read your first sentence, I automatically thought you need an exorcist;)

So, it's not mysteriously starting on it's own?

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