RCMP Warns of Scam Offering Computer Help!!


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This problem started for me on the east cost early this year.. Subsided quickly around here but I guess Ontario isn't so lucky.

I hadn't heard of Ontario being particularly hit. I'm in Calgary & the 1 client was here, the other was in New Brunswick. Seems the 'attacks' are very widespread nationally & even, global.


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Had them here in Blighty since Jesus left Kilmarnock.

Can virtually guarantee one a week. Sometimes they get a good old Anglo-Saxon response. Rarely, when bored, will go along with them. Throw in a few (Bu**sh**) technical questions, they'll hang up in the end.


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I'm really amazed by the fact that the RCMP and other nations police forces have been unable to stop these fraudulent activities, I honestly don't think much is being done about it. I bought a new PC for my mom earlier this year, and I come home one day and she's on the phone with one of these nuts, she thinks it's the (also dumb) EasyTech force from Staples.. They installed a remote client, a million other programs, namely Advanced System Care PRO. Luckily I showed up before she gave out her credit card number, especially after reading the figures from that article:
MSN Canada said:
victims reported they lost an average of US$875. Canadian victims reported the highest average loss at US$1,560.
^^ That's just ridiculous. It's unfortunate that people in this day and age (older people specifically) are less educated and more likely to fall for these *expensive* long distance calls.

I fully, absolutely agree w/ you, Mitchell. Law enforcement claims it's because of many borders & countries involved and because of the culprits changing IP addresses or bouncing over multiple IP addresses but... I'm still not convinced they shouldn't be able to get better results against these twisted people.


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