Windows 7 Re-Creating a new User Account


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Aug 21, 2012
following on from my other thread "Catastrophe" I have a few more questions.

I have read many threads on re-creating an account which, in nearly all cases, detailed the following;

1. Create a new account in the normal manner.
2. Login with the new account to create the files.
3. Copy folders / files / emails etc from the old account into the new account. This will allow the new account to access all of the information you need.

My questions are this:

1. Do I have to open the folders so that I can see the hidden / system folders?
2. Do I copy all the system / folders including any .ini files?

I understand I should not copy the ntuser, ntuser.log, any other ntuser files, from old account to new account.

Alternatively, can I copy the new ntuser files to the old account?


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