Re-set Passsword on Windows 7

We just went through some trials and tribulations getting my new Windows 7 computer to fully network with several XP computers on the same homegroup. In the process, we installed an "Administrator Password" on my user account. I know the password as I am able to turn the machine off and log back on without a problem. However, when I tried to change the password, it now says "Windows Cannot Change The Password". Did we some how put a security check somewhere where I, the Administrator, who knows his password and can log into the system, is no longer allowed to change it? Help. :frown:

Control Panel > User Accounts :

1. Must have admin privileges
2. Must type in your OLD password and then your NEW one + confirm the new password by typing it again


3. Standard > Elevated Command Prompt > control userpasswords2


4. Ctrl Alt Del > Change Password.

Thanks -- I am the only user on the computer and do have administrative privileges. I tried all three methods you suggested and each time I get the same "access denied" error message. There has to be some sore of authorization block now in the system that wasn't there before. I was surprised too that the ADMINISTRATOR could be blocked from such a thing.

Wow. I was able to find, using the control userpasswords2 process, that my particular user name that had administrative privileges had a box checked that did not permit this user to change passwords. Once I unchecked that box I was able to change everything as advertised.
Now however, when the computer logs on, two users appear -- Administator and Me. How do I eliminate the initial log on screen from having two or so names appear so I have to choose before the operating system starts? Namely; how do I set it for one user to automatically log in?

OK - I got the "automatic" sign in set. Whew.

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