Re: Windows 7 freeze while in setup_2

First of I'd like to say hi to all as im a newbie on the forum
Well I'm all out of ideas with my dilemma. I have a amdx2 64 dual core +5200 installed and for some strange reason, all i can install now is xp pro sp3 media edition/xp pro sp3 and xp pro sp3 64bit edition. Before I had an amd sempron in and could install windows vista/7 32 bit or 64. Now it freezes when at completion screen. I have followed other peoples advice, by removing all my usb and peripherals that are not needed and it still freezes on completion. My bios is 2006 and i know that may be my problem. I can find my bios update without a problem and when i tried to flash it. It said failed due to a jumper on the mobo locking the bios. My pc Specs are as follows

Acer Aspire T180-D97Z
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core +5200
Ram 2x 1gig and 1x 2 gig DDR II at 800mhz
Sata 400 gig internal Harddrive
1TB External Drive
Socket AM2 (940)
Mobo is MCP61SM-AM (EM61SM/EM61PM)
Chipset Nvidia MCP61 A2
Bios Phoenix Technology LTD RO1-A4 12/19/2006
Graphics PCI-E x16
Nvidia Geforce 8500 1gig DDR II

can anyone please help as im all out of ideas. Thnx for the time to read this

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