Windows 8 RE : Windows 8.1 final release

badrobot & lorenkjr1.
For curiosity, and, possibly, to help others with similar problems. First. Are you referring to the legacy, or the "modern" desktop?
Since starting out with the early builds, more than a year ago, I have not encountered a single problem, running Windows 8 in legacy desktop mode. In that mode, which will be optionally automatic in Windows 8.1, what do you find complicated.
Reading nmsuk's post, I am in agreement but would extend. Yes, I have had small "learning" problems, but I use the Modern desktop as my primary start menu. I have not had anything go wrong there that I would consider worth moaning about.
I must add, though, that I am not using any "Apps". I tried a considerable number and found most were inferior to the earlier OS, similar programs.
reference the (possible) charge for Windows 8.1 MS have deliberately classified it as an update, not an upgrade or new OS. So far, the standalone OS, as Bigbear indicates, may be priced.

Hi there,
I am referring mainly to the modern UI. But there are stuffs from early windows 8 that they have made different (which I am referring to "complicated) such as shutting down the PC, booting up to safe mode, getting rid of the start menu and making start screen a mandatory feature for desktops. I think the start screen should be just an option for those who are not using a touchscreen monitors. My experience with windows 8 is comparable to leaving a new hired maid alone in the house for the first time who took the liberty to re-organize your home. When you get back home, it's like "Where are my stuffs!!!".. :D

I only explored the start screen when i first got my Win 8 machine. But never really used it.
I admit some features were moved around. But not too difficult to find the answer.I have a bad habit, that when I buy something new for the house, be it electronic or whatever, I unpack, plug in, and switch on. This has, in the past, led to problems. Even in one case, ruining a brand new device. I ham constantly under heavy advice from my family "Read the B**dy manual first"
In the same way, you will find help and support, built in to Windows through the ages, can answer most of the questions. There are alternatives, which might require a little browsing on forums such as this, for an improved way of performing the same function.
Try typing, for example, in the help search, "shutting down". You might find some informative reading there.
I was very active on Vista, when it was launched following XP. believe me, the learning curve there far exceeded that from Windows 7 to Windows 8.
Quote ". I think the start screen should be just an option for those who are not using a touchscreen monitors."

As I said, in Windows 8.1, it is an alternative option.
Yeah, I know my way around it already. Thanks. I am just expressing my initial reaction. But still not liking it. Maybe in time. I am happy with Win 7 right now. My Win 8 is just an HTPC right now. Classic Shell is a great tool in my opinion. It makes Win 8 work like Win 7.
Missed that one. Great stuff Mitch. Believe it or not (the cynics are in the "not" class, naturally), but, these are the money experts talking.
those who write about the company should seek to inform, not merely opine.
I especially like the last line.
Seems we have way too much of the latter and very little of the former.