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johnny quid

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Hi all,

Can someone tell me if by converting my XviD's to DVD (AUDIO & VIDEO T_S) files,if any quality is lost or gained during re-encoding?
I do this so that friends, -a pc can watch them on a normal bog standard DVD player.
Someone once described the XviD format as lossy ???

Hi and welcome.

Without exception, quality is always lost when doing any converting. You can apply noise reduction or other plugins that may mask quality issues, but the simple fact is that there is absolutely no way to increase quality. It just simply does not exist.

All codecs are lossy. The only video format that is not is uncompressed RGB. There is an exception to this in the video world. The only lossless codec is the huffy codec but its only usefulness is during actual capture to disk. No hardware has been developed other than computers that could take advantage of this.

Moral of the story: You are going to lose quality by converting no matter what. If done very well, this quality loss can be kept to minimal where it is extremely difficult or impossible to perceive.

I highly recommend TMPGEnc Plus 2.524.63.181 for DVD file encoding, specifically.

Then after, you'll need some sort of author software to create the actual DVD .iso.

johnny quid

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Hi TorrentG,

Thanks for that, i was unsure of quality issue and thought as converting to DVD and taking up more space you may get better quality,but it seems as if the space gets used up as the Xvid files become de-compressed ?
I use VSO's Covert X to DVD, however it is a very old version,away back at v2.1.6 or similar and its now at v4+.
Also will have a look at TMPGEnc Plus 2.524.63.181

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