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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by neilkcpa, Dec 12, 2009.

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    I keep creating folders that I want to share over my network and they keep getting marked as read only so that my other machines can see the folders but they cant access them. I noticed that when I create folders as a subdirectory of users I can open access the new folders but they come back as read only and therefore I can't change files. How do i set preferences so that the directories under users are not read only and how do I give other computers access to folders on my C drive
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    You might want to use the Take Ownership script to give you access to all directories;:

    Extract the file and double-click on it to merge it into the registry,

    You will now have a Take Ownership command on the right-click context menu.
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    I don't think taking ownership will do it. It seems to be a buitl in function in Windows 7. But the "read only" signal on the folder, relates to the contents of that folder. I believe you will find that, whilst you can uncheck the read only attribute, as soon as you refresh and look again, it is back. One way I have read is to give permissions to "everyone" but , for security, I would never care to do that.
    Have you tried right clicking the folder and selecting "share with" and then "Homegroup read/write"?
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    this sounds like it could be a setting in group policy ?

    I don't have time to dig around right now but if you take a look at local group policy editor\user config\network or shared folders there may be a policy in there ;)

    just a thought :)

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