Realtek HD Audio driver / Retasking options.

Hello fellas, I'm fairly new to this forum but lets not waste your time with me.

So to the question: Several months ago I was using Vista when decided to upgrade my system to Windows 7, thus, I decided to update all of my drivers as well.

The problem: I had the following jack retasking options, if not even more(i got this picture from google) in the following picture:

While now I have only these:

I tried uninstalling and installing several versions of the drivers, though, still the same. And I really need those options back, because I'm mostly using one of the jack slots for my home theatre, but sometimes I have to use my headset.

I'm using Windows 7 SP1/32bit, here is the picture of the driver/sound card proparties:

I truly hope you can help me out! :thumbs_up:

Glad anyone had at least slight chance about sharing some opinions about that, or Ideas I could try.

You may count this one as a Solved, problem fixed after installing my 7 years old driver from the disc the pc came with, for Vista compability mode. I guess I will be stuck with it unless I find any other solution about this.

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