Realy Fubar Computer!


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Okay, here is the problem! Started out with Window 8 on new computer, a HP Pavilion g7 AMD dual-core processor. Attempted to dual-boot Ubuntu. Went through all the steps to disable Secure Boot, etc. Somehow in all the different ideas folks have provided me, I have DELETED the MBR (i.e., there is NO NTFS partition), but only Ubuntu partition.

So, how do I get back to where I can install a "legal Windows 7" disk - software has NEVER been opened.

Whenever I start the computer Ubuntu loads and I can use Ubuntu, except for the fact I keep getting an error saying there is only about 120m of space left as Ubuntu files are at the end of the 750g disk!

So, like I mentioned, I really did FUBAR the computer and am needing help to get an NTFS partition back so Windows can install. Any and ALL help is appreciated.
I hope you didn't remove the recovery partition as well! During startup keep pressing F11 to boot the recovery partition - this will restore your system back to factory settings. (Any user `data and other installed systems will be overwritten but you will get all yur original op sys and drivers etc back to scratch).
So, recovery partition should be on my Drive E, correct? As I know when I initially looked at the hard drive, there was of course the "C" drive; "D" drive for program I believe; "E" drive for rescue/restore point; and "F" drive being the CD/DVD drive. If so, then that should still be there, as I did NOT delete any drives. I did delete the Windows NTFS partition though on the "C" drive, and of course the MBR!

So, if I keep clicking F11 that should do the restore to factory settings? I will try that when I get home from work.
If that doesn't work (and losing the mbr may cause problems there) there are other methods for booting into the recovery partition - let us know what happens when you try F11 and we'll take it from there.

Attempted to continue to hit the "F11" key and briefly saw "F11 system restore" or something to that effect in the lower-left hand corner of the screen. As soon as I released the "F11" key Ubuntu loaded. So, where do I go from here? Still confused as to how to recover from my stupidity of erasing the partitions!