Recommended software to watch MSCONFIG?


Hello, does anyone know of any software that watched the MSCONFIG list? I'm sick of going in there and finding software that has enabled itself to startup.


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Although it will not inform you, Microsoft’s Autoruns does a nice job of listing which programs start up and from where they start.
Download it from the right pane here doesn’t need installing. Run it and go to the Logon Tab and remove the tick alongside the programs you don’t want to start. Right-click an entry and choose Search online for more information about it. It is completely reversible if you unintentionally stop a program from starting up.

The built-in system configuration utility, msconfig’s primary function is to troubleshoot start up errors. Note that some programs use a service to start them running.


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It's not so much about software enabling itself, rather software installations accepting default install parameters. Whenever anything is installed care should be taken to run "advanced" installs or whatever other options is needed to opt out of automated installation of trial, software, add-ons etc. Care also needs to be exercised in opting for auto-updates and so on. Downloading of many drivers, utilities etc (including fro instance the autoruns I detail below) are often packaged with other software by many distributors. When downloading such packages you should take care to ensure, as far as is possible, that you are downloading from the developer's site rather than someone who has hijacked it and piggy-backed a load of junk on it. You might find it useful to run autoruns - free download from MS which gives a much more in depth view of startups with the facility to temporarily suspend any dubious startups befor deciding whether or not to delete them.


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Just to be a nitpicker, the best safety is between your ears: be careful with what you download and start. To learn the function of one's Security Programs is not a bad thing. Like diving in strange waters, did you have a thought of what might encounter you?

Best wishes. Do stay alert. :ohno: