Windows 8 Red Alerta - Warning!

Hi Tanzanos.. Just posted this in another thtread, but I guess it agrees with some of your views?
These are taken on my test, medium performance, computer. Dual boot with Windows 7 boot manager, to avoid the deliberate delay in booting Windows 7, with the Windows 8 boot manager. The start up, so raved about, is to the point where the HD stops activity. (A little while after the Metro appears)

I am not claiming these as authorative benchmarking .- just my own tests, out of curiosity. To my regret, I do not get the incredible claims which I am constantly reading in forums.

Windows 7 Windows 8
Start-up (Bios to useable desktop/Metro inc Internet connectionan cessation of HD activity.).
43 secs 41.5 secs
Open IE to Google
1.2 secs 1.1 secs
Open IE to webpage
4.4 secs 4.2 secs
Open LIve Mail (No Mail tocollect, inc Live login)
5.2 secs 5.4 secs
1.0 secs 1.2 secs
Control Panel .
2 secs . 4 secs

But, there is a small move forward, which might improve with the RTM. Nothing there, though, that I am getting excited about!

"I keep hearing how Win8 is faster than win7. OK so everyone let us throw away our cars and all go buy a Ferrari!"

The answer is YES!

The day that I can buy a new Ferrari for the price of my Honda Accord I'll be the first one in line at the dealership!

A better question is, should we just keep driving our gas hog SUV because we always have, no matter what the price of gas is?

In computers speed is everything, or we'd still be running our 486 25 mhz processors.

In a couple of years I'll be buying a new computer, not because I can't do what I do on my present one, but because it will be FASTER!


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