Red screen of death?


So my computer was running just fine and i took my hard drive out to test another computer and the second computer ran fine. But when i put my hard drive back in the first computer, it gives me a red screen that says "your computer is locked please contact your administrator. .." which isfunny because I am the administrator, but it doesn't ask for any money, but my keyboard is completely locked. I can't right click, or even put on a command from the command prompt. I've done a system restore, checked the hardware, ran diagnostic tests on my hard drive, ran a boot time scan, and pretty much everything else i can think of. I've even tried to reinstall windows via a disc. Even in safe mode i only have a red screen. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do to save my beloved laptop? Thanks!



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Hi Lara,
can you post some details on the make and model of your machine please. Also if it's possible for you to use another pc try this rescue disk from kaspersky. If it is a virus this will or at least should get it:

I'll also move your thread into the support section.
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This is caused by Computrace or LoJack for Laptops. Both are security products, produced by Absolute Software, which protect the laptop in case of theft or loss.


Hi Mark! Thanks for your reply, ;)but this was created 11-21-2015.
No worries! I've done the same thing before! Welcome to the forum!