Windows 8 Regaining access to previously installed apps


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May 31, 2013
When changing file ownership to allow me access to a hidden log file, something happened that removed installed apps from the app store. They are not on the start menu, nor are they shown among "All Apps". I did some digging around and managed to find the folders these apps are stored in, but have no idea which file launches each app. I went to the App Store to reinstall them, but in each case the App Store told me I already have it installed. Any information as to what I need to do to gain access to these apps would be much appreciated.

Open the Windows Store and right click to get the top menu
Choose "YOUR APPS"
Make sure it shows "installed apps". Now right click each tile and in bottom pop up pane click INSTALL.
When I right click from Windows Store to get menu, I click on "YOUR APPS" and nothing happens, I still see the store's home page display
Have you changed the name of your computer (Control Panel- System -Advanced System settings - Computer Name - Full computer name), at any stage?

You can see what computer names you have registered. Whilst in the Store window, open the charms bar and click "settings" and then "Your Account". Under "Your PCs", make sure you have the correct name listed.
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