Registry change/desktop rearranging


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Hello, I've got a problem with desktop. After reboot/restart or even refresh desktop all icons are moved to left side of screen.

I found this solution:

In regedit go to those 2 destinations


Double click on (Default) and replace "%SystemRoot%\SysWow64\shell32.dll" with "%SystemRoot%\system32\" in both file destinations then restart your PC and everything should work fine !!"

It worked fine but when I restart pc it happens again AND registry is as it was before (so "shell32.dll" instead of "").

So my question is - why changes in registry are undone after reboot?
I did it in safe mode. I have unchecked "autoarrange". I don't have any malware or virus. I'm running Win10 (upgrade from 8.1). It's happening on Guest profile too.

Thank you for answers.


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Please provide make/model of the computer having this problem.

Did you remember to run the Windows UPGRADE ASSISTANT prior to your upgrade to Win10? This could be a driver problem, or it could be a problem with a piece of software that's not compatible with Win10.


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