Reminder-Windows 8 Release Preview expires in January 2013.

Andrea Borman

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I know it's nearly Christmas but a reminder that,if you are still using Windows 8 Release Preview,it is due to expire on 15th January 2013.

Also if you have still got Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows 8 Developers Preview,those two Beta version will also expire on the same day.

So users who are still using those preview versions should now start thinking about what they are going to do when support for all Beta versions of Windows 8 ends. After January 15th 2013 all Beta versions of Windows 8 will not longer be active.And from what I read on the Microsoft website. Windows 8 will shut down every two hours,then deactivate.

So now is the time to start thinking about where to go next. Windows 8 Beta users can either install Windows 8 Pro,which is the retail and permanent version of Windows 8.Or you can re-install your old Windows operating system,Windows 7,or whatever version of Windows you were using before Windows 8 Beta.

As for me well. I still have not got round to installing my Windows 8 Pro that I bought in October,because I have been busy. So I am still on Windows 8 RP,and also using my other netbooks which have Windows 7 and Windows XP. But I have enjoyed my time with Windows 8 RP and the Beta versions of Windows 8 that came before that. I have learned a lot from using Windows 8 Beta versions,and now look forward to Windows 8 Pro.Which I should be installing in the next week or so.

Andrea Borman

Honorable Member
Classic Shell on Windows 8 RP.JPG

Well if you look at my picture of my Windows 8 RP you will see the expiry date as January 15th 2013. I have also gotten to feel quite at home on Windows 8 as I do on all the other versions of Windows. I have installed Classic Shell which gives you both the start button and Windows XP or Windows 7 start menu on Windows 8 RP. The good news is that they say it works on Windows 8 pro.So I will be using Classic Shell on that too.

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