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Chris Dowling

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an i remove this Metro thing? I deleted every tab i didnt need on it and it left me with a blank screen?
Why cant it just integrate with the desktop similar to the side widget thing but faster?
that way i can still have my start menu but then have live tiles on the desktop.

Anyway how do i remove metro and put my start bar back??? as i cant access any of my newly installed programs without going to Computer>C:\:program Data> then the program folder and finding the actual exe...


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There is a great thread going at Howtogeek. (I swear I'm not at all affiliated with the page, but I use it for reference quite a bit)...
Remove Metro from Windows 8


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Actually even with a blank start screen you should still be able to right click it and choose all apps from the bottom.
You might want to look into something like Welcome to Classic Shell for a "Start Orb" alternative solution. Which may also allow you to bypass the Start Screen altogether. If not maybe this will work still work to get you directly to the desktop, haven't tried it myself for a while.

Chris Dowling

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Giving retro Ui a run see how it goes I will also check out those as well and see if they are good thanks for the tips.
I'm sure metro will be great on surface but its terrible on a pc.

Clicking start, then right clicking and then clicking apps and having to sift through every program installed along with all their excess files documents and web page shortcuts is not fun.

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