Windows 7 removing win7 machines from domain


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my home net is a win2008 domain with win7 notebooks. so all the notebooks login to the domain. i'm planning next year to do away with the win domain.

1). what's the safest way to remove my win7 machines from the domain and still be able to use the installed apps as they are on the machines? i.e., most apps have been installed when user is logged into notebooks as user/domain vs logging into user/computer.
Provided non of the applications are integrated to ldap for authentication just join the devices to a work group. I would set up a local account or reset the local account password. Also you'll likely need to move data between the domain account profile and local account profile. I would also consider upgrading since Windows 7 is end of life in three weeks.
no apps integrated to ldap that i know of.

good idea about creating a workgroup. i could actually do that prior to demoting the win2008 domain and test it out, right?

there would be some important data in the domain account profile but moving that to new local account profile wouldn't be too difficult.

i'll see about upgrading to win10 but low on $$ for at least 6 months before i could swing the upgrades.

all great tips, really appreciate your help
Moving it to a work group drops it off the domain. I'm assuming you're using Windows 7 Pro, so you can just install Windows 10 and use the 7 licenses.
using win7 ultimate. didn't realize about the 7 licenses. that will make things easier. thanks.