Renaming file automatically highlights the extension

Give Dark

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When I rename a file, the entire file name, including the extension, is highlighted. This means that if I just start typing, the extension is erased. How can I make it so that only the name is highlighted?

I still need the file extensions to be shown, I just don't want to have to change them as the default.


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When you press F2 to rename a file it highlights the entire file including the extension? That is odd because since Windows 7 it has been set to NOT include the extension when the file gets renamed, they did this because some users would rename a file and then it would not open as file extensions are how Windows associates what to open a file with. There are many people asking for what yours is apparently doing and selecting the entire filename in the highlight. So far I have seen no way to change this behavior, no registry setting etc.. odd that yours is doing that which some users want.

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