Windows 7 Renaming Hard Drives


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Jan 19, 2009
I am having a really difficult time "renaming" or "labeling" hard disk drives (ide) and (sata) and (usb)

When I right click the drive and choose rename, it does nothing after I type the new name in, I also have tried to go into Disk Management to label them, same efffect, does nothing. (also tried on a fresh install)

-- MB Drivers are "not" loaded but there are no drivers for Nforce 4 Sli for Windows 7 64bit yet... but the pre-installed W7 Drivers appear to be working fine.... (tried to load the Vista 64 Nforce 4 Sli Drivers, -- these will crash Windows 7, in both normal mode and safe mode (blue screens) -- if you load these, choose "last known good configuration" and you'll be okay again.

**Can anyone let me know if there is a quick way to rename a drive in the registry or has a tip to get the Hard Drive Labels Changed?

Im trying to label them as such:


etc.... etc..

W7 64bit (activated) Fully Updated
AMD 64x2 3800+ 2g DDR400 PC3200
2x34g Raptors RAID-0 128k Stripe
Gigabyte K8N-PRO SLI Nforce 4 SLI MB
2x9800gtx BFG Tech Nvidia Cards SLI
TV Wonder 650 Pro PCI-E
X-Fi XtremeMusic

(So far all hardware appears to be working fine in W7 64bit)
is it possible that you have UAC disabled? if so, enable it. because when I try to rename a drive it tells me I need admin rights and then gives me a UAC-window that allows me to give explorer.exe administrative rights.

so if UAC is disabled try enabling it.


edit: there is no way labeling hard drives by editing the registry, because the drives name is saved on the drive itself.
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Thank you for your quick reply, I will try this when I get home, I think you're correct and that UAC does have to be re-enabled... I did have it disabled.

I've renamed most of mine, apart from the C-drive and my L-drive [a USB flash stick]. I simply used Disk Management and it all worked fine. I had no UAC issues going on, mine are still set to their default settings. I did have to wait a few minutes before my external HDD changed but it was just a case of waiting and letting the system do its thing.

You'll know this path already but for others it may be of use.

Start>Computer>Right click on computer & select 'Manage'>Computer Management screen opens>select Disc Management>select & right click on the drive>select Change Drive Letter & Paths
Renaming HDs

Re-Enabling UAC, did the trick for the SATA/IDE Drives... however my external usb HD still will not allow me to rename it... tried in safemode as well... no luck

however, in safemode:

the drives even though they are renamed in normal mode... display as:


and not the names that display in normal mode...

any help w/ renaming a usb drive?
don't know about safemode, guess it's simply not reading the drive name from the drive in safe mode.

can't really test usb drives since I don't have any, but normally that SHOULD work just like any built-in drive. did you test more than one different usb drive?
No, unfortunatly just have 1 USB HD, I have a feeling though its my lack of nforce 4 amd sli MB drivers...
"start" “search programs and files ” " services.msc " "ShellHWDetection"
then you can rename the hard drivers .
"start" “search programs and files â€Â￾ " services.msc " "ShellHWDetection"
then you can rename the hard drivers .
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