Renew windows 8.1 single language

my laptop Vaio is running windows 8.1 single language and I want to renew install it. But recovery in lap is windows 8 with i just want install drive C and keep my files on other drive. I need your help.

If your laptop came with widows 8 and you upgraded to windows 8.1....then you might try the refesh method. If you're wanting to factory recover from the hidden partition (called reset in windows 8/8.1) this will revert your laptop to like new status back to to windows 8 and then you would need to upgrade to 8.1 again.

This should explain all the different options for you.


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I would backup all of your files to an external drive before you do the factory restore.

While it is supposed to only effect the C:\ partition I just saw a post from someone saying that when they did it on their Dell computer it removed all of the partitions.

They may have done it wrong, but it's better to be safe then sorry.

You would be better off trying to use the Windows restore as bassfisher6522 suggested.
Either way it's safer to have your important files backed up first.

Once you have things back where you want them, make a System Image using software like Paragon or EaseUS TODO backup.


tks guys, but i found the way which i want. I used file setup windows 8.1 SL to renew and i choose keep my file personal then i install some driver for laptop. Everything is fine. Maybe, u can try this way.
Sorry if my english is bad.

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