Reoccuring BSOD: Bugcheck 0x0000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM csc.sys


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Hi All, I'm new in this forum and would like to ask for your assistance.

Previously, I have a client who have been experiencing multiple/several times a week (in some instances a day) encountering BSOD: Bugcheck 0x00000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM csc.sys. In addition to this, the computer is having a hard time to turn off or do shutdown - Client had to manually power off (press the power button) the computer.

I've already did the following troubleshooting steps and didn't help at all to solve the issue.
- Performed Windows Update, CHKDSK, System File Checker, Memory Test
- Updated drivers (using Lenovo System Update tool)

We've already performed a clean installation of Windows (re-format/re-install) and somehow the error occurred again.

The Client has now a new computer and it still encountered the same issue and BSOD error.



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The Client has now a new computer and it still encountered the same issue and BSOD error.
I'm currently debugging your dump files.

I read your statement above and wonder how the bsod can continue if it's a totally new computer? Is the user using something , either hardware or software which was in the previous machine?

*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 27, {baad0073, fffff8800e1d7e98, fffff8800e1d7700, fffff88004b6f121}

Probably caused by : csc.sys ( csc!CscEnpMainAcquireShared+45 )

Followup:     MachineOwner
I looked a little further into your machine and may have found a possible culprit:

Teefer.sys Fri Jan 3 22:21:55 2014: Probably relates to Norton Endpoint Protection.

This article may point to the issue:
Bug Check 27 after upgrading to Endpoint Protection 14.0

Although it's not exactly on the money it's too close to call and i strongly suggest Norton is removed using the removal tool:
Uninstall and Reinstall Norton product using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

Once it's been properly removed see if the bsod's stop. Running an sfc scan from an admin command prompt wouldn't hurt right now either. (post back if you need help on those)

Just run the machine on Defender for a while and see if the bsod's have gone. If they have you can always re-install Norton with a later version.
Post any new dump files.

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