Windows 7 Reoccuring trojan/virus in host files


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Hi, Yesterday my antivirus started popping up with a virus/trojan Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen. I have a few windows.old from new installs, and this thing is traveling from those installs to the current one, zonealarm treats it but then it comes back. I ran spybot hoping it was some kind of malware, have not run hijackthis yet. How do I get rid of this thing? Why does it keep coming back. Thanks, Carla
For a start, if you believe the win.old files are responsible, you could get rid of them if they do not contain anything you might need.
I've tried to do that in the past, the computer always says its a system file and I shouldn't delete it, makes no sense to me since its old windows, but this thing is also getting into the current host file as well. I'll delete the old ones and see if it crashes the computer lol. Thanks.
I deleted the windows.old, there were four, I have a whole ton of drive space again, so nice. So its been several hours now and Zonealarm hasn't detected new infections, so maybe deleting those file solved the problem, thank you for your help.