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I did the windows 10 update Friday night and after completing the update I shut down the computer. When I turned it back on it went into a continual loop where the windows 10 symbol would display and the screen would flash on and off. I attemped all of the recovery options and used a recovery drive and even downloaded a bootable usb drive file and tried the repair feature. Both repair options fail and the option that save all files says the drive is locked and the option to wipe all files and repair says a partition is missing. Any ideas on what I can try?


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This is on an HP Stream 11.


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Well first off I would try and boot to safe mode if that works then I'd wager you're looking at a driver issue and start digging into Device Manager and event logs. If That doesn't work, are you able to get into a recovery console command prompt and look at your BCD store for potential boot entry issues.

Maybe you could try to boot it in Safe Mode, long pressing the button F8 (+ SHIFT) should do it. More on that here How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 or 10 (The Easy Way). Also, I had the same problem on my desktop PC which has Windows 7 Home. I tried to install Windows 10 but I got the black screen. And when I pressed F8 I did System Restore and it got back to Windows 7. So you have to know that if you choose any other option it will end up in endless loop and will always try to update your laptop to Windows 10 - you don't want the black screen forever. First you should bring it back to its original OS and options and then try to update it again if you want.

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