Windows 8 Replace OEM Windows 8 with Windows 8 PRO

Itachi Ogbe

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Jun 3, 2013
I just bought an HP Dv7t 7300 Quad editions and its coming with Windows 8 OEM version do any of you know how i would go about replacing the hp version with stock windows 8 PRO ? Will it install OEM windows 8 again since the serial is embedded ? is the process complicated ?

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If you want to overwrite the existing system with a fresh install that is no problem. Run the install and format the drive before installing - serials are not "embedded". Before overwriting the existing system you should consider running the built in utility to create a set of recovery disks should you later wish to revert to the oem installation.

I did this with a Toshiba Laptop that came with OEM Win8. I got Win 8 PRO and did a fresh installation without having to enter any serial number, the key is to make sure your OEM version is PRO as well, if not, you need to purchase the same version that came with your laptop.

As patcooke said, make sure to run the recovery disk creator because if you have any issues and need to send it in for warrantee repairs, it needs to be stock OEM or they don't have to repair it.

Also make sure to find the drivers folder that came with the OEM install, unless its a separate disk, and copy it to an external so you have all the required drivers handy after your install.