Replay Music Error on Genpuid.exe File

Replay Music Error on Genpuid.exe File

I just purchased Replay Music and installed it on my PC. It works fine on the first time but after that, I started getting issues. I did not change anything on the settings. I decided to re-install the program then it works again after few recordings. On the last recording, I've got the same issue again. How can I fix this? I enclosed the error message I received.

Unable to contact music identification server for tagging. Please make sure you are online, your proxy setting are correct in Replay Music if you are using a proxy server and firewall is not blocking the Genpuid.exe file



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Probably you have a Firewall / Security Program issue. You should allow Genpuid.exe there = add it to allowed programs in Options or Settings or something. The easiest way to test this is to disable all Security, and try the program - if you have an updated Windows 7, you're safe for several hours even without Antivirus and such on. BUT do remember to get them on, after the test.

If you have purchased it, you can contact the producer. They have the answers, and support. And, if this turns out to be the case, you might serve your fellow men well, by informing the producer.

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