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I have recently upgraded my laptop to WIndows 8 from Windows 7 and after doing so my resolution has been locked to 1400-1050, when I had WIndows 7 it would go up to 1920-1080 which made everything look much better and now the highest it will go is 1400-1050.

Also my laptop has an integrated graphics card, WIndows 7 recognised it as 512mb but now when I go to check my specs it only says 256mb. I don't know what happened by I have no idea how to fix it.

Thank you

Now that you've upgraded to windows 8, you now need the windows 8 drivers for you the GPU driver for your laptop. You'll need to visits your laptops driver/support page to see if they have drivers for windows 8 for you laptop.

So I just need to update my graphics card drivers?

This is what I got.


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#4 need to visit your laptops driver support page for the driver for your particular model laptop. You will also need to update all other hardware drivers for you laptop to. LAN, wifi adapter, chipset, and possibly a BIOS update will be required as well.

If you need help...just list the make/model and extension number and I'll locate the driver for you. Then give you a link to it.

That would be great!
I'm a little useless with these things :D

My laptop is a Dell Studio 1557, Model number: PP39L


#6's a Dell...

Here is the link for Dell's driver support page. Now you will need your service tab number. You can find that on the bottom of laptop next to the model number....input that number into where it asks for it. Or you can use the Auto detect button....either one is fine.

Yeah this fixed my problems, and i found my synaptics drivers which i was looking for. Thank you :D

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