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When I boot and login, I initially get connected to my home network. But then I see that the network connection is dropped. The only way out is rebooting and then surprisingly every things goes flawlessly, I see my 2 network drives Z: and Y: and I get connected to internet.

Does it ring a bell, does any one understand what is going on?


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It would be helpful if you could provide the HW specs to the machine in question. Is it a desktop or laptop? Dell or HP? etc.

Have you tried doing a hard reset on your router? does the computer you are running Win10 on connect to your router with a cable (wired-connection, ethernet) or wirelessly (wifi)?? I haven't seen this on my Win10 PC and I've been running it since last year.



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I see this behaviour on my 2 laptops, here are the specs:
1. A W10 test environment on an old Dell Latitude D520, processor T5500 2CPU @ 1.666GHz, 2GB, 64 bits, Video: Intel 945 Express Chipset, Wireless: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (a very minimal system hence a nice laptop to test W10 with)
2. My W7 working environment on an Acer Travelmate 5730, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5870 @ 2.00GHz, 3GB, 32 bits, Video: Intel 4 series express Chipset, Wireless: Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN

I am connecting to my own 802.11n 5GHz wireless network on channel 40+36. There are no other home wireless networks in my area using 5GHz.

I have 2 network connections Z: and Y: with my Synology NAS.

It happens not always, but until now I could not find out why or what.

Resetting my router: did not try that, I am not the only user: the modem/router is also used for my telephone, and my other home PC’s, Synology NAS, Samsung TV, Cannon printer are also connected but by wire, hence resetting the router was not my first choise.

I don't see peek networkloads on when booting my laptops

It never happens on a cable wired PC or laptop

All other things I tried to re-establishing the Wireless connection failed until now:
- Disconnecting and reconnecting the Wireless connection
- Disconnect, Forget network, rescan
- Logout, Login without reboot

I also noticed that the connection never gets dropped after the reboot, it is always successful, why, I don’t know, is there a difference between a cold boot and a reboot?

Kind regards and thanks for your reaction,

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I did a bit more testing.

I downloaded inSSider and I saw that my modem produces 3 carriers,
- on channel 1, a privat network for me
- on channel 5, free for all clients of the same internet provider, both 1 and 5 are in the 2.4 GHz band
- on channel 36 and 40, in the 5 GHz band and is privat for me
I get connected to channel 36 and 40, it is the fastest and I am the only user of the 5 GHz band
inSSider calls them all 802.11n

Then I went into the advanced settings of my wireless adaper, forced all settings to the 5 GHZ band (as far as I understand it...):
Ad hoc channel 802.11a to 36
Ad hoc channel 802.11b/g to 1
Wireless mode to 802.11a
Default wireless ad-hoc modus to 802.11a

Well nice try but no avail

Greetings from Holland,


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I think I solved it.
The modem supports 2 privat networks for me, one in the 2.4 GHz band and one in the 5 GHz band (see above), but the names of these to networdks are the same.
I think that renaming one of them and forgetting the one I not use will solve this problem.

The advanced adapter settings should be set to make this possible!

And it was not a W10 problem!!!

Greetings from The Netherlands,

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After a few weeks of testing, here is what I found:
- first of all make sure that if more networks are in reach, you automatically connect only to one of them
- 'Automatically connect': you can select it in the new 'Network and Internet' window when selecting and connecting to the network of your choice. But I found that this parameter is not passed on properly. To check go to the Network centre, click on the Wifi connection, then select 'Properties of the Wifi network' and check whether Auto connect is what you want it to be.

I am using the Dutch language on my Windows, names of windows and parameters are translated, and may differ from what you see.

B.t.w. I am using Netsetman to switch between networks.....

I hope that this is useful to someone.

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Hi bochane,

Thanks for the really good follow-up on your Post. I think that this will be useful to someone, especially those of us Win10 Insiders participating in the early adopters program. There are a number of actual Microsoft employees here on the forum, so I am sure they will forward this to the appropriate Win10 teams prior to June when the Win10 RTM is scheduled for.

Have a Good One! And glad you figured it out.:D

Cheers: <<<BBJ>>>

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