Windows 7 Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Hibernate. never fully finish. SSD?


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Mar 14, 2016
I recently installed a Crucial SSD into my friends Inspiron N4110, Boot is super fast and everything works very well with a few small exceptions...

When told to Shutdown, it goes through the normal procedure with great speed closing all open programs then proceeding to the blue screen reading "Shutting Down..." then the screen goes blank but the power light(s) remains on and the fan stays spinning.

When told the Sleep it does the same thing, Power light remains fully bright and the power lights on the front remain on along with the WIFI light. and no matter how long you leave it, it wont wake back up.

When told to Restart it goes to the shutting down screen then the screen goes black as normal then proceeds to the same state as the above^ BUT THIS TIME, if i leave it alone for a few seconds it will fully shutdown then the service lights on the top right blink like its rebooting, but then shuts down completely

THE ABOVE CASES ONLY APPLY TO WINDOWS, Ubuntu is SIMILAR but DIFFERENT in its behavior. see below

In all and any cases of the above^ the following are true:
when in the "Stuck" phase, the computer can be force shutdown using the power button for 5 seconds.
the WIFI light remains on constantly when there is power to the computer
the HDD light seems to be working properly and is OFF at the time of "Stuck"
the fan works fine, and even cycles with the varying heat.

I have read online that SSD's sometimes cause similar issues

My BIOS is currently A11, i tried updating it to A12: capsule load onto memory is successful upon restart however because of the above issues^ the computer completely loses power and therefore the capsule is lost.....

Note: I installed windows BEFORE Lbuntu and grub were installed, and even the live USB of Ubuntu fails to shutdown properly, displays the final reboot message in the console then just sits there with the console still on screen, one quick press of the power button shuts down the computer fine but i still lack the ability to restart without clearing the memory....

Agent is out.

Inspiron N4110
2.30 GHZ i3 x4
Windows 7 Home Premium/Lubuntu 14.x

Rek or get Rekt -Agent

the SSD is a crucial mx200
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when you upgraded the HDD to an SSD did you change the storage controller over from IDE to AHCI? This guide will help if you haven't:
Improve SATA hard disk performance (Convert from IDE to AHCI)
I just checked, it is already set to AHCI, i have the option for ATA but no IDE, would it hurt to try it on ATA and see if it solves the problem? i understand how AHCI can improve performance but im not too worried about a decrease at this point....
You could always try it but really I would have thought if there was going to be an issue it would be under ATA not AHCI.

Is the SSD fully updated firmware wise?

Have you updated the storage controller driver?
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