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My install of the RC of Windows 7 is running very well except one little but annoying issue. Twice I've removed a flash drive from a USB port after shutting down the PC ( I forgot to remove it before shutting down) and when I've come to restart I get an "unable to start" message. It then goes through a trying to fix routine, and always fails to fix the issue, before effectively giving up and shutting down. When restarting after this there is no problem and Windows starts fine. It's not really an issue if I just remember to remove drives before I shut down, but it strkes me something is wrong somewhere.


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Yes, that is strange, not normal, and rare.

Did you ever enable readyboost?

What are on the external drives?
Do they have Auto Run Features?

What are the system specs?

Where in the boot process are you seeing the message?
Can you give full text of the message?

This may just be a coincidence/or symptom of a different problem.

All I can think of is maybe a bios or motherboard issue.
I don't know how this could be related to an OS issue. Unless it has something to do with Readyboost maybe.

Are USB devices enabled in the BIOS boot order?
That alone shouldn't cause this but perhaps were dealing with an older BIOS when boot from USB wasn't well implemented yet.


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Twice I've removed a flash drive from a USB port after shutting down the PC
That is the perplexing part.

The only other conclusion I can think of is,,, bad usb port, hence bad motherboard.

Tepid, in answer to your question, the system spec is an MSI 790 FX-GD70 mobo, AMD Phenom II 955 BE processor, 8GB 1066 ram, OCZ 64GB SSD main drive with a pair of WD 640GB conventional HD's. There is also a pair of LG Blu-Ray drives. All are brand new. Once Windows is up and running I have no problems with anything else. All the USB ports run fine, everything else runs fine. The message appears after the MoBo bios screen before Windows starts to install. I will get the text and post it at some point (just got back from Hols and am trying to catch up !). 'texture DnB' in answer to your comment, no USB is not on the boot sequence. The SSD drive which has Windows 7 installed on it is number 1 boot choice followed by the 2 WD HD's then the 2 LG drives.

Post the exact error message that you get.

What about Readyboost?

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