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My hard drive died. My recovery disks were for Vista, so after getting a new drive and running them, I upgraded to Windows 7, which is what I had done before. I established my user profile of TVZ. I created a "TVZ" folder under "Users", then put all my backed up files in it. However, none of my app data, desktop, etc., showed up for me.
In Windows Explorer I can see that they are under Users\TVZ. However my computer doesn't seem to be looking in that folder. I don't know where it is looking. How can I make the computer find the stuff I have in my Users\TVZ folder?
Thanks much in advance for any guidance you can offer.


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There is some confusion for me in what you say. If you established a user profile for the user, why did you have to create a folder under users for it? Is this user different from the admin account?

You are able to log into the account?

Have you rebooted? Much of the information on your system is contained in the registry. Perhaps doing it your way did not add essential references, but I have no experience with what you seem to be doing.


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Im also confused ,
the application data is

the folder is hidden and you will need to show hidden folders to see this.
i THINK that alot of the desktop are written by the registry so the content that you backed up is safe however the visuals will be different

i may be wrong but this is my understanding

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