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I am using Word as a log and memory jogger for changes I am making or need to make while editing code in Eclipse and other IDEs. The main problem is when I copy a snippet to paste it becomes white text on blue background, by time I paste it into word it is black text on blue background making it hard to read. I tried setting up defaults for pasting but that made it worse and it did away with the paste options and I still have the wrong colors and fonts. So for the moment I paste to notepad then repaste to word. Would stay with notepad but like formatting, etc of word.

So what I want it that no matter what I copy, when I paste it into my Word doc, it honors my destination settings. Perhaps there is a setting for just one document or all.



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Have you considered using NotePad++ and see if that might help resolve some of the subtle issues you're experiencing between the use of Word and Notepad.


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Not familiar with such an animal I must investigate.

Does it have bolding or underlining capabilities? They aren't apparent .

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Wordpad is another option (is in Accessories). It has many Word functions.

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