Windows 8 Right Dvorak keyboard

I use the right dvorak keyboard because I have use of only my right hand. When Windows 8 boot up it boots up with the US keyboard even though I have set it to us only Right Dvorak.
Is there a way I can make Right Dvorak keyboard the default?


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Hi Lawrence,

I tried this method which seemed to work ok.

Open the control panel and navigate to 'Clock, language and region'. Under 'Language' click 'change input methods'. On the default language that's highlighted click options and you'll then see the change input method screen. Click the blue 'add input method' and from the list choose Dvorack right handed. Once it's added then click 'Remove' on your usual input method (see screenshot)


You should now only be left with the Dvorack input method. I tried this and then rebooted and the setting stayed in place. Hopefully this will work for you too.. :) Oh and remember to save.. :)
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