Windows 7 Rise of the Argonauts will not Install PLEASE HELP!


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I am running Windows 7 RC 1 on a clean install and I tryed to install Rise of the Argonauts yesterday and after a little ways into the installation it stopped with this error mssg.: "Error 1305 reading from file C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Rise of the Argonauts\Liquid Games\Cooked PC\Default.FRA.fsbcache. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it." I the clicked ok and then i get this mssg. : "Fatal Error during instalation. consult Windows Installer Help or MSDN for more information." Can you all help me with this problem? I am having no other problems installing and setting up any other games on Windows 7 so far. BTW I did attempt installing in Vista compatability mode but no cigar.

Hope someone can help me out here....Thanks!
Sorry about this post .....I have solved the problem and I hate to tell you what was causing the problem but I found atiny smudge of gunk on the CD and once I cleaned it up the game installed properly with ZERO problems....seems to play ok except for some sound issues but I don't think this is a Windows problem because this game has alot of bugs that have not been resolved with a patch yet. Anyway i am happy to say PROBLEM SOLVED YAY!!!