RNDIS drivers for ebook reader?


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I have a linux based ebook reader that uses SSH for file transfer rather than USB. Under Windows XP I had to install a RNDIS driver and a program called WinSCP to transfer files to the reader. No problem.

Now I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate and I can't even find any RNDIS drivers.

Can anyone help? Direct me to a download for these drivers? Anything?



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Hi Saltgrass. I have WinSCP and unfortunately it doesn't have the drivers needed. I also tried downloading the Windows Mobile Center program which is supposed to have RNDIS drivers in it but still no luck.

Thanks for the email to microsoft, I must have missed it in all my searching for drivers. I will flick them an email and see what they can suggest.

In the mean time I loaded up the Windows Virtual PC and tried running it in Windows XP mode so I could set it all up from there. My motherboard is capable of running virtual technology and I have that enabled in BIOS but it says I have to turn off Intel Trusted Execution Technology! I can't find anything about that in my user manual or on the ASUS website. GGGRRRRRR!!

Why can't anything with computers be easy? hahaha


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