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Hi, guys!
I have got Windows 7 Ultimate N (x86), after installing last updates on February 1st, I started receiving errors after the system startup, saying:

After pressing OK, explorer.exe restarts and the message is displayed again. No viruses have been discovered, no programs have been installed. The Error started appearing today after installing latest updates and restarting the PC.

I would appreciate any help!


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It would seem that you have two potential options.
1. A system restore, to a restore point prior to the updates being installed, or
2. Review your update history and see if you can uninstall the updates that were installed today.
Let us know how it comes out


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Trouble, Hi!

First of all I have tried to restore to the previous restore point. The latest and the only one was yesterdays morning. I suppose it was before the updates. But it didnot help. Surprisingly, there were no more restore points available. So I didnt manage to use another one.
After restoring to the last restore point i have tryied to uninstall all the updates which were released in the past 2 weeks. It also didnt help. The Error messeges continue to appear :(


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If you would please try booting into safemode with networking and see if the same error message occurs. If this option doesn't produce the error then please try using the steps in this article, attempting to find the startup application or service that may be causing it. How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

I am having the exact same message when I do the simplest things like go to my computer. I am running windows 7 enterprise. I have just come back to windows having left it after vista was a bit of a disappointment for me. The reason? This same error. I was never able to find a solution to it. I never had it in windowsXP, but Vista and windows 7 have both been rendered completely useless by this error. I can't even search for files. Explorer is constantly crashing. Is there any solution? I have already had six of my friends switch to Mac or Linux because of this error! It seems to be a real problem in Vista and windows 7. It is made the more confusing because people keep confusing it with a similar error in internet explorer where the error messages reads iexplorer.exe instead of explorer.exe.

Please tell me there is a solution and what it is. I have missed many things about windows, but I will return to Linux if this solution cannot be resolved without a complete re-install.

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