Sad day for SETI


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SETI: The search for signs of alien intelligence has had to shut down-

The future of SETI@home, an Internet-based distributed computing experiment to find radio signals from intelligent alien life-forms, is in serious danger as academics behind the project face a funding crisis.

I remember running this app as a screensaver back in the day and really hope they find the 5 million or so dollars they need.


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I still use it for burn-in testing and have it running because I have put a lot into it. I enjoy using it and it really knocked open the door for some more practical ones that came out. Rosetta@Home came out with the protein folding project to find disease cures and then the big one was when they put Folding@Home (called Life with Playstation) on all Playstation 3 systems to find cure for disease.

This was the one that made all of that possible. And that project has always needed funding, so unfortunate. I remember Paul Allen helped regular SETI create the Allen Telescope Array. Those of us who still dream know theres life on other worlds. Its unfortunate we are all fighting over our own resources and so forth. Well, I still contribute to the project and I would hope someone who cares about it will eventually chip in.

There was a good cause in what was involved. One once said like a fish in a fish bowl we are always thinking one way and not imagining there's unimaginable things. Statistically, it is very unlikely we are completely alone in the universe. How these beings would take form is something that would be completely unrecognizable to us, most likely. It will be a big tragedy if that project goes down.


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Thats too bad...wish I had a couple of million to donate.

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