Windows 7 Samsung CLP-300 Printer Problem


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I have been unable to get my printer working, and keep getting a message stating "Spooler Subsystem App has stopped working". Is this something that might be caused by a faulty printer driver, or is it something comletely different? I've tried re-starting the spooler ap, but a few minutes later back comes the "stopped working" message. The odd thing is that a picture of the printer come sup in device manager, which seems to suggest that the driver should work, so I am confused and unsure how to proceed to get it up and running.
hi john,

i`m sorry but i`ve no usefull anwer, but how have you installed the clp-300 in windows7?
i always get the message tht this cd doesn`t work with this win version. also tried a driver direct from samsung hp but with same effect...
i even could install my old epson dx3850 in windows7:confused:
i forget to install the original driver in compatibility mode.
just rightclick the exe icon, than properties and then you can choose under compatibility under wich win version you`ll install the driver.
works great since 2 weeks.
Belated thanks for the driver info. I uninstalled Windows 7, so haven't been back here for a while.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Windows 7 RC includes a driver for this printer.