Samsung PC Studio possible fix

Some of you have dealt with Samsung to no avail, so, recently I messed with PC Samsung Studio for a T-mobile sgt 469, after countless attempts to get this program to work with Windows 7, I found if I install this program in
Vista service pack 3 compatibility mode it works perfect. Good Luck, woodie

Yes I did an any other page they had as well. I even emailed them about a fix or something I missed. They replied they did not know how to fix it. At least they replied, which was cool. Any way here's what I did, I downloaded several different version, because most phones have thier own version of PC Studio, wheter they are actually different or they just number them differently so they can track downloads I don't know, I installed different versions and none of them worked. I uninstalled each version and purged all the files when offered the chance. I then would download and save each different version to the desktop and try installing it in different compatability modes(this finally worked) to do this rt click on the program, then click properties, on the first screen look to the bottom and click the unblock button, then go to the compatability tab and click that, (remember I did this about 20 times) for my phone I used run this program with Vista service pack 2. I knew it installed correctly when I no longer got the all "driver failed to install codec". Good luck, it's a tedious process but it may work for you.


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Thanks for posting back with the solution.

this nay help others in the same situation.

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