Samsung slate connects to wifi only with 8.11g and not with 8.11n

Hi everybody
I'd like to submit an annoying issue that concerns my Windows 8 Samsung XE700T1A.
I've just bought a new wifi access point, that is 8.11n compliant (300Mb).
The problem is that the tablet connect only in 8.11g (54Mb).
The wifi board is Qualcomm option gtm67x, and the driver has been released
on July 2002.
I'm wondering if it's a windows 8 issue or a slate issue.
Can anybody help me ?
Thanks in advace

Sorry for the wrong driver release date.
Of course it was July 2012

Is your device G on N compliant? According to the Samsung website, it is all wifi compliant. I also see that it came with windows 7 and not windows 8 and there is nothing from Samsung saying it's going to be either. The same for my Samsung RV511 laptop, even though I installed 8 on it, there were driver issues which forced me to remove 8 from the laptop and return to 7. So it's more likely a driver issue. Have you tried Qualcomm directly for a driver for windows 8? Also you could try running the windows 7 driver in compatibility modes and see if that works.

My laptop in the italian version of the slate, the XE700T1A-H01IT
I took form the Samsung site the following feature

[h=3]Rete (Network)[/h]
  • 802.11bg/n 1 x 1 WLAN
It came to me as a W7, but at that time I had an old G access point.
Then I updated it as a W8, but still with the old G access point.
Now, with W8 and new N access point I'm facing this issue.
Samsung doesn't support any W8 driver in its official site, but it releases
an application (something like "easy software manager") that does the job.
I'm confused....maybe your idea of going down to W7 driver in compatibility mode
does make sense.
I heard that a similar issue has been raised up by some Surface owners,
facing the same behaviour of the same wifi card and again, of course, with W8.
Have you ever heard anything similar ?

Anyway, thanks for the help.



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Are you able to connect via 802.11n on any other device? If not, your Router may not be configured properly.

All right, thanks a lot.
The issue was caused by TKIP encryption. Now, with AES, I can reach 150Mb.
What do you suggest I can do to reach the theoretical 300Mb promised by 8.11n?
Really thanks for helping me

Not a thing...because it's theoretical, meaning in a perfect setup with perfect hardware, it's possible to achieve that magical 300mb connection speed.


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It's all about dual simultaneous channels and channel bonding.
802.11n products normally do not enable this mode by default but instead run in traditional single channel mode to keep the risk of interference low
Read this and see if it helps.
802.11n Speed - How Can I Get an 802.11n Wi-Fi Speed Rating of 300 Mbps?

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