Windows 10 scaling @4k LG55C7T Oled

bought this the other day and am noticing a number of things like steams text and other program text isn't scaling current Card is a 1080 running DVI to HDMi guessing HDR is more or less Broken for NV cards least on oled tvs ?

im sure theres more questions to go with this

was thinking of looking at freesyc hacks but since im running in 4k @ 60hertz dosnt seem like much point


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Is it a Single link or dual link DVI?

I want to Say Dual link

have been using this cable with diffrent Rigs for a long time

AM atm will have to look at it later on


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I think single link won't scale or scale well


Personally, I wouldn't recommend using DVI at all for any resolutions higher than 1080p. Go with the latest revisions of either HDMI or DisplayPort, especially for 4K and higher, and avoid any kind of conversion if possible (go straight HDMI-to-HDMI, or DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort, depending on what your monitor/TV supports).

Secondly, OLED shouldn't affect scaling at all, as it is simply the type of LCD technology used, and the computer's OS is utterly indifferent to that aspect of the display. Individual applications can override the OS's display scaling settings, so you may want to check if Steam is one of them, as it may have its own setting for it.

Lastly, I've been looking for a 4K OLED display, and have had difficulty finding any. I also can't find that model # you gave, on Amazon. Do you know where I can find it, or a comparable 4K OLED display? :sohappy:


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according to sources … both "t" & "v" are designations for europe … while "p" is local here in north-america. might be one reason amazon does not offer lg's "t" model … but does offer the "p" model? i have found no corroborating evidence to support this find … but do trust the source. that same source also stipulates the "c" designation stood for "curved screen" (back in 2016) … whereas the 2017 model removed that feature.

as for availability … same as most any other model … best-buy 'n amazon 'n new-egg 'n ebay all offer lg's OLED55C7P** model … you're looking right around $2200 new. make sure you triple-check the specs vs your setup … might also take a few hours reading customers' reviews.

before closing … if you choose one of lg's models and don't already have a sound-system … might as well tack on another 3-4 c-notes for lg's premium sound-bar (w/sub-woofer). why? the connector is an lg-proprietary optical-adaptor* … rather than typical industry-standard connx. the woofer just needs to be plugged in to wall-outlet for power … the signal is wi-fi or blue-tooth or some other confounded high-tech approach … can slip it under your la-z-boy if you want.

* in spite of lg's proprietary optical-connx … think the cord is 6' in length … so you don't need to mount the sound-bar directly under the screen … can trim it to base-moulding of your floor … running the wires discreetly behind the wall.

** OLED55C7P is all you need for any search-engine.

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dont think its the DVi cable but swapped to HDMI anyway


this is interesting

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guessing None you are on a bigish 4k screen ?

lots and lots of web results a cuple saying programs would need to be rewritten just to render proplerly :/ ether decided to post in here to find out

steam , QBitTorrent etc all blury

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