Screen flashes on and off/theme switches from Aero to Basic

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by LooseJuice, Mar 14, 2015.

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    I have an HP Envy 15 laptop and every now and again (at least once per day) the screen will go completely black for maybe half a second then come back on again. This sometimes occurs more than once but it will happen at least once every day while I'm using the computer. In addition, on occasion after the screen comes back on, Windows Aero will be turned off and the basic Aero theme will be running instead. It usually switches back by itself after a minute or two. I've checked my options while the basic theme was running and they hadn't changed so I wasn't sure what to make of it. The reason I make this post is because the computer is only seven months old and I want to upgrade the hard drive to an SSD but I know this will void the warranty. I want to make sure this problem is addressed before I make the swap if it's a serious hardware defect so that I don't have to pay for repairs.

    Here's a screenshot of the laptop's specs if it helps:


    I know I've read that the flashing screen could be a sign that there are bad connections going to the screen but I hardly ever adjust the screen as the computer is almost always just sitting on my desk.

    EDIT: I've already done a clean install of the driver for the Nvidia card. I used driver sweeper to completely uninstall it and then re-installed the latest driver and this is still occurring.
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    have you tried updating the Intel graphic driver too?

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