Windows 7 screen saver options disabled

i when to set my screen saver for 5 min and noticed that i can not chane the wait time at all. it is set to 30 and then disabled. i checked my log in as i am IT and i am not a part of any group policies that affect my screen saver. any ideas. also yes i am a local and a domain admin on this system. i run areo just in case this helps.

are you saying that if you right click the desktop then select personalize from the menu then selecting screensaver from the bottom right in the little dialog box you can only select 30 or 0 ? (with the up and down arrows) You should be able to highlight that box and type in any number you like are you saying it's greyed out?

no what is happening is that i click personlize and then screen saver and were it should allow me to change the time till it kicks in is greyed out at what appears to be a defult of 30 min. i can not change it at all

I am having the same exact issue. Screensaver was set to blank at 30 minutes when I first had Win 7 installed and now everything is ghosted out. Can't change type or time on screensaver.

I checked my policies in gpedit.msc and nothing is set so this shouldn't be happening.

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